Sound Space Meditations

a gentle space for you to unwind

Welcome to Sound Space Meditations

During our sessions enjoy guided deep breathing with beautiful hand pan music to drift off and relax as we work with the different elements of the earth.

Experience the amazing chakra tubes that clean the energy points of the body whilst each session works with different sounds and instruments to unblock any thoughts or energy within different areas of your body.

We use gongs, tubes, rain sticks, drone flutes, hand pans and voice to really take you off in another world.

Chrissy has a deep connection with sound, singing for a living and running an established community choir and is also a reiki practitioner and spiritual.

Combining sound and her spiritual nature, Chrissy created Sound Space Meditations with the aim to help others with her sound healing journeys.

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Introducing Chrissy

Benefits of Sound Space Meditations

Healing musical relaxation course

4-week Healing musical relaxation course

Introduce a greater understanding of how to ease tensions in the mind and relax your body with our new 4-week Healing musical relaxation course.

A restorative, melodic journey towards wellness and health using a wide range of healing instruments to amend your mental health with the power or music.

Our 4-week course will be split into 4 weekly modules, for you to complete at your own pace with Sound Space Meditations and tasks to complete:
When joining our course, you will also have access to our closed Facebook community group where Chrissy will be running additional live Sound Space sessions and will available for any questions and advice throughout your course.

Course Price £27.00

£27 for the first 100 people to purchase our course.
Thereafter the £37. Offer valid until the 31st December 2021

Once you purchase this course, the recourses will be available for you to use and revisit whenever you wish.

free introduction course

You are invited to join Chrissy for a free live Sound Space Meditation and introduction to our course.

Date’s available: 18th June 5pm

Meditation Events

The Light Weymouth Spiritualist church

Chrissy will be entwining some of her songs along with magical sound journeys

17th October 2021 - 6pm - 7pm

One - One
Personal Sessions

Improve your wellbeing with our 1-1 personal Sound Space journey

Price £150.00

What you will get and personal program.

Chrissy’s new EP

As well as creating Sound Space Meditations and running a community choir in Dorset, Chrissy is also a singer song-writer and has now released her first solo EP – Sister SoulPan, Connections. The songs featured on Connections showcase an expression of Chrissy’s love of life and nature. Songs such as Dance to the sunlight, Waterfalls, Beautiful nature, Guardians of the world, Comfort zone and Feelings feature chilled vibes and instruments used within Chrissy’s Sound Space meditations.

We hope these songs touch your soul and bring you inner peace and calm.

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