Musical relaxation for your mental well being

Learn how to let go of the stresses of life and truly relax through music.

In this free workshop we will be covering how to:

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June 11th


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Hi I'm Chrissy

I’m a musician, choir leader, and I’ve completed my reiki 1 and 2 and I also practice shamanic journeying. I have had a drive all my life to help people through mental stress and I have always looked out for people.  I see myself as empathic very good with emotional intelligence.

3 years ago all these things came together and I had a drive to share my experience with my songs and decided to run sound mediation, relaxation classes.  I wanted to share and help people with what I have learnt over the years so that they could connect easier with themselves and to get back to the roots of their nature.

And so sound space was born, it has been lovely to host these mediation sessions. I use my experience of journeying and imagination to describe different worlds and I go on the journey myself and they are like live expressions of what I am seeing and feeling at the time.  My dream is to reach and help more people all over the world.

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