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Shift your subconscious to a better mental state

feel like a new person when you take time for you

The mental practice of stillness and relaxation is a must in this modern world in order to live your happiest life.

Life will always be full of pressures, expectations, work, desires, dreams, memories, actions, reactions, loneliness, coping, attention, understanding and thousands upon thousands of instances of thoughts and feelings. 

The modern world is so much to deal with! Our brains and nervous systems need healing, time and attention. We’d all like to get physically fit but we also tend to neglect our mental and spiritual finess.

I created this course to help you recognize, create and honour the space and clarity of now, through my mediations and playing my wide variety of instruments to express the beauty and amazement of life can really help to calm your mind, pause and feel whole again.

Feel like a new person, like you’ve hit a restart button when you take time for yourself. 

But it's not easy...


“Really enjoyed it. The meditation was focused on heart chakra this session.  As well as the gong vibrating my chest area, I then felt tingling there  and then later, my whole body from neck to feet was tingling as if a block had been removed. My fitbit also  registered me as being asleep during the session. Lol. I was awake but obviously I was in a very relaxed state. I felt on a bit of a high the rest of the day too, mentally. Highly recommended. Thank you. Xx.”

- Lynne Diamond


Feel like a new person

Feel happier about yourself, gain more courage to live your dreams and realise your full potential.

Recognize stress, doubt and low self-esteem thoughts.

Feel more control of your life; in flow and be positive and really appreciate your existence


4 Week Healing Musical Relaxation Course

Using the power of instruments, that really calm you: drone flutes, flute harp, handpans, and crystal bowls  to instantly put your mind and heart in a beautiful space of appreciation of the now.

The instruments, combined with mindfulness practices, journalling and meditation allow me to create landscapes of pure wonder, suggest stories and places in nature, where we can fly with our full potential and bury the unneeded thoughts and feelings in our lives.

Here's what's included:




Energy and the Body

We’ll take a closer look at your main chakras. You will learn where all the main energy points are and how to harness and balance them if they are over or underused.

  • Learn how to open them using the power of your imagination
  • Learn how to get out of your chatty mind and in a less stressed state.
  • Learn how to use this imagery in everyday life to balance everything out again




Cleansing and Clearing

Learn to let go and start again, cleansing, using the power of water and nature through the music and mind.

  • Become aware of chasing thoughts
  • Learn how to empty your mind
  • Become intimately in tune with your feelings through self journalling




Clarity and Connection

Retrain your thoughts through gratitude journalling. beautiful that lifts your heart, and by the ned of the week you will find those now moments everyday and start to love life again.

  • Learn how to slow down and connect to the beauty of nature 
  • Learn how to be present
  • Find clarity in the busiest places even with the busiest minds.




Dreams and Potential

Discover what our dreams are and what in the past has stopped us and with all of the tasks we will be sharing our findings to chat and meet different people and what they are going through discovering we are not alone.

  • Use imagery and symbolism to understand your barriers
  • recognizing them in everyday life
  • Learn to embrace fear and safety as a part of us and not something you should fight or put aside

Get these incredible bonuses when you enroll:

Bonus 1

Private Community

Access to our Facebook Community with extra live sessions and a chance to share and express yourselves with no judgements and a safe community.

Bonus 2

Live Intro Session

A free hour long live Sound Space through zoom. Meet me and others in real time and listen to the wonder of the magical instruments.

Bonus 3

Special Discounts

Get 50% off the meditation and backing tracks from the shop page. You'll also 10 percent off my 1:1 programs

Hi, I'm Chrissy

I’m a musician, choir leader, and I’ve completed my reiki 1 and 2 and I also practice shamanic journeying. I have had a drive all my life to help people through mental stress and I have always looked out for people. I see myself as empathic very good with emotional intelligence. 3 years ago all these things came together and I had a drive to share my experience with my songs and decided to run sound mediation, relaxation classes. I wanted to share and help people with what I have learnt over the years so that they could connect easier with themselves and to get back to the roots of their nature. And so sound space was born, it has been lovely to host these mediation sessions. I use my experience of journeying and imagination to describe different worlds and I go on the journey myself and they are like live expressions of what I am seeing and feeling at the time. My dream is to reach and help more people all over the world.

A £300+ value all for £37

Healing Musical Relaxation Course

Recognize your own mental habits, doubts and fears, shift your subconscious to a better mental state and well-being for the long term. All supported and aided by the power of music.

A £300+ value all for £37

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We often forget about the holistic side of ourselves like community, wellness, gratefulness and positively and with my sound space relaxations I can help you to get those things which we can all access,. You need these meditation in your life to help you reflect on your feelings, rewire your thought patterns and recharge yourself so that you can be balanced and happy.


It is the best sound and with the panning of the instruments you will get a full 3d effect. If you don’t have earphones, you can use some very decent speakers.

No, just let me know and I will communicate with you through messenger, WhatsApp or email, just to see how you are getting on.

No absolutely not, the Facebook group is a private group and everything is up to you, and the most important thing is not to compare yourself to others, you must say and do what you feel is safe.

No you will have access to all the courses for as long as you like, it’s a guideline so you can work on it at your own pace.

Not just relax and enjoy the meditations. You will still benefit as the mind will still process what has been said.

There’s a preconception about emptying the mind with mediations that is part of it but not all of it, it’s about recognizing mindfully what our mind does and then bringing it back to the breath without judgement , and then flowing with the music. The important thing is relaxation, revitalization and feeling better.